Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611 Repair


If you are looking for a laptop repairing centre for your Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611 laptops, then you are at the right place. London Laptop Troubleshooters can repair all laptop models of Toshiba as well as other brands. Our other services include part replacement and system upgrading.

Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611 laptop series includes two models. They are Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611 PSA40U-095KZ9 and Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611 PSA40U-095KZ9B. These laptops come with 256 MB of main memory, which can be expanded up to 2048 MB. There are two memory slots in the Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611 laptops and both can be occupied. At London Laptop Troubleshooters, we can upgrade the memory of your laptop by fixing additional memory in these slots. We use RAM with memory of 128 MB, 256MB, 512 MB and 1024 MB to occupy the memory slots.

We can upgrade the hard disk storage capacity as well. Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611 laptops have an optional slot for one PC card. laptop repair companycan insert one Type ΙΙ PC card in this slot. We provide all the necessary, genuine spare parts and accessories needed for Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611. All these services and parts are offered at an affordable rate. 


Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611 Repair

Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611 laptops are pre installed with Microsoft Windows XP Home. We can replace this operating system with another one or upgrade it to the latest version operating systems. Our other services in Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611 include virus detection, removal and quarantine, data backup and data recovery.

laptop repair companyoffers service guarantee for once repaired laptops. To find out more and to avail of our Toshiba Satellite A40-S1611 repairing services you can call us on the number 020 7237 6805 or email us at You can also place orders on our online repair request form.    

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