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Toshiba Satellite 1135-S156 Repair


Toshiba Satellite 1135-S156 laptops come mainly in two models, they are Toshiba Satellite 1135-S156 PS113U-05X9Y6 and Toshiba Satellite 1135-S156 PS113U-05x9Y6B. London Laptop Troubleshooters can repair the above models of laptops. We can repair other models from Toshiba as well as other famous brands.

Apart from repairing we can replace the faulty parts with genuine new parts from Toshiba. We can also upgrade your Toshiba Satellite 1135-S156 laptop to improve its performance. Your Toshiba Satellite 1135-S156 laptops usually come with Microsoft Windows XP as its operating system. We can upgrade it with an OS of your choice or with the latest OS.

There are two expansion memory slots in Toshiba Satellite 1135-S156 laptop where we can insert additional memory. We can replace your old PC Card with a new one. We can upgrade your hard disk by replacing the old or faulty one with a hard disk of high storage capacity. If you have any problem with your touch pad or your key pad we can repair it or replace it with a new part. We can clean water and other liquids from the key pad if you happen to spill it on them accidentally.


Toshiba Satellite 1135-S156 Repair

We can also repair or replace all other parts of a Toshiba Satellite 1135-S156 laptop such as AC adapter, battery, battery charger, CD R/Ws, DC power adapter, DVD R/Ws, external CD drive, external DVD drive, external floppy drive, external hard drive, fans, floppy drive, hard drive, inverters, keyboards, LCD screens, memory, Network Interface Card (NIC), power cords, processor, system boards, USB card, and USB ports. laptop repair companycan provide high quality Toshiba Satellite 1135-S156 repair anywhere in UK. We can repair it at your home as well as in our work shop. You can also ship it to us for our repairing services. After repairing we will ship the product back to you with great care. We also offer service guarantee for once repaired laptops.

You can contact us on the number 020 7237 6805 or email us at You can also avail our service by filling up an online repair request form

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