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Sony VAIO Laptop Repair

For high-quality Sony VAIO laptop repair, come to London Laptop Troubleshooters. Here, we have our own skilled and in-house trained laptop technicians who specialize in repairing, maintenance, and upgrading of Sony VAIO Laptops, and also in the installation and maintenance of networks. Furthermore, they have many years of experience in successfully working with Windows, Linux, UNIX, Apple Mac, and many other database platforms.

Here at London Laptop Troubleshooters, we can repair your Sony VAIO Laptops that are in and out of warranty. Through our in-shop Sony VAIO laptop repair service, we can provide comprehensive repair solutions for all your Sony VAIO laptop problems including system board problems, graphic problems, drive issues, hard drive failures, problems arising due to liquid spillage, overheating, and many other problems. In addition to general repairs, we provide services like OS installation, virus removal, data back up and recovery, transfer of data, and network set up and maintenance.

London Laptop Troubleshooters can repair all series of Sony VAIO laptops including Sony VAIO C1 series, Sony VAIO SR series, Sony VAIO R505 series, Sony VAIO QR series, Sony VAIO Z1 series, Sony VAIO X505 series, Sony VAIO A series, Sony VAIO FS series, Sony VAIO F5 series, Sony VAIO XR series, Sony VAIO TR series, Sony VAIO GR series, Sony VAIO U series, Sony VAIO T series

We can also repair old and most recent models of Sony VAIO laptops. All our technicians are knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. They always work towards achieving the satisfaction of our clients.

We have a complete inventory of hard-to-find Sony VAIO laptop accessories and parts including motherboards, hard drives, keyboards, memory, processors, LCD Screens, backlights, adapters, inverters, hinges, fans, cases, and many more components for the purpose of providing fast and reliable Sony VAIO laptop repair.
  Sony VAIO Laptop Repair


  • Sony Laptop Repair / Troubleshooting

  • Sony Laptop Hard Drive Repair / Replacement / Upgrade

  • Sony Laptop RAM / Memory Repair

  • Sony Laptop LCD Screen Repair

  • Sony Laptop LCD Backlight Repair

  • Sony Laptop LCD Inverter Repair

  • Sony Laptop DSL / Cable Repair / Installation

  • Sony Laptop Wireless Internet Set Up

  • Sony Laptop Ad-Ware / Spy-Ware Removal Services

  • Sony Laptop Networking Installation

  • Sony Laptop Dial-Up Internet Set Up

  • Sony Laptop Motherboard Repair

  • Sony Laptop Windows Installation

  • Sony Laptop Software Installation

To know more about our Sony VAIO laptop repair services, dial 020 7237 6805 or send emails to We will help you appropriately. Do check out our website.

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