Laptop Repair

Sony VAIO PCG-GR Repair


London Laptop Troubleshooters, a premium repair facility in London, provides unique repair services for a range of popular laptops, including Sony. Noted for our Sony VAIO PCG-GR repair, our service is characterized by swiftness and sincerity.

Services we perform on a regular basis for our customers include:

. Keyboard replacement
. CD drive replacement
. LCD screen repair
. Laptop screen repair
. Data and information backup
. Hard drive replacement

We have highly experienced staff, flexible computerized systems and fantastic facilities with all the latest technologies. Our trained engineers carry out fast reliable repairs down to component level. The display problems that we fix are dead displays, dark displays, cracked displays, lines on display, colour fades or wrong colours on display, and low contrast displays. We also fix other laptop failures such as spillage of liquids, physical cosmetic damage, overheating, cracked or broken LCD screens, dim LCD screens, broken power, no startup activity, power supply problems, software problems, intermittent problems, USB, sound, or printer ports problems, reinstallations, data backups and much more.


Sony VAIO PCG-GR Repair

By analyzing your Sony VAIO PCG-GR, our technicians pinpoint the root cause of the snag and prescribe the right solution for it. Our services are provided for any laptop model including HP Compaq, IBM, DELL, Gateway, Toshiba, Packard Bell, Acer, E-Machines, Fujitsu, Micron, NEC, Panasonic, and Alienware.

Our team of experienced engineers can repair, upgrade and offer maintenance service for your laptops at highly affordable rates. Once you entrust your faulty laptop to London Laptop Troubleshooters, you can rest assured that we will take the utmost care to safeguard your valuable data during the repair. Make a call to 020 7237 6805 or email us at for a speedy response. 

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