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Sony VAIO PCG-505G Repair

Wondering from where you can get the best repair service for your Sony VAIO PCG-505G laptop? London Laptop Troubleshooters can provide you with the best Sony VAIO PCG-505G repair solution! We are a well-established laptop servicing company, known throughout the United Kingdom.

We repair all series of Sony VAIO laptops including Sony VAIO 700 Series, Sony VAIO FX Series, Sony VAIO GR Series, Sony VAIO SR Series, Sony VAIO SuperSlims, Sony VAIO 800 Series, Sony VAIO FXA Series, Sony VAIO PictureBooks, Sony VAIO SRX Series, Sony VAIO XG Series, and Sony VAIO All-in-One FX Series.

We repair and replace parts of all models of Sony VAIO laptops including the Sony VAIO PCG-505G. Some of the Sony VAIO PCG-505G repair services we provide are CD Drive Repair, DVD/CDRW Drive Repair, LCD Screen Repair, Keyboard Repair, LCD Screen Backlight Repair, Screen Cable Repair, Motherboard Repair, Power Jack Repair, Backlight Repair, Memory Socket Repair, and AC Power Connector Repair. We provide certain additional services like operating system installation, software installation, data recovery, data transfer, virus detection and removal, and upgrades (memory, BIOS, hard drive and so on).


Sony VAIO PCG-505G Repair

We can provide original Sony VAIO replacement parts for the following damaged parts of your Sony VAIO PCG-505G laptop: DVD Drive, LCD screen, Laptop Hinge, Inverter, Hard Drive, Floppy Drive, Keyboard, CD Drive, and other parts and accessories.

laptop repair companyis equipped with all the modern technologies for servicing. We have skilled professionals who have expert understanding of all the problems that occur in each model of Sony VAIO laptop. They have in-depth knowledge in providing fast, reliable and efficient repairs.

To know more regarding our Sony VAIO PCG-505G repair services, do explore our website  Want to speak to any of our enterprising and friendly customer care executives? Then dial 020 7237 6805. You can email your complaints and suggestions to

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