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NEC Versa M370 Repair


London Laptop Troubleshooters is a specialised NEC Versa M370 repair service center which is based in London having long years of experience in the repairing field. Our factory trained and certified technicians are able to repair for any model namely Toshiba, Sony, HPCompaq, IBM/Lenovo, Panasonic, Dell, Packard Bell and many more.

Our list of parts for which we provide service includes AC adapters, batteries, backup, RTC, CD ROMs, CDRWs, DC power adapter, DVDs, external floppy drives, external hard drives, fans, firewire and USB cards, floppy drives, harddrives, inverters, keyboards, LCD screens, memory. Network interface, power cards, processors and system boards.

Our services mainly include repair, replacement, maintenance, upgrade and installations. You can improve the performance of your notebook or laptop by simply making use of our upgrade and installation services.


NEC Versa M370 Repair

Our upgrade services mainly include software upgrades, graphic cards upgrades, memory upgrades, harddisk upgrades, optical drive upgrades. Our installation services include operating system installation, antivirus software installation and installation of software and hardware.

We provide services according to the convenience of our clients and one among them is our onsite NEC Versa M370 repair service. Those who are not in a position to bring their laptop or notebook to our workshop, kindly inform us about your current location and the convenient time. According to your convenient time one of our experts will come to your site and does the repair work. If the cause for the problem is not identified properly we ourselves will ship your notebook or laptop from your site to our workstation. We will return your NEC Versa M370 notebook in a good working condition after completing the entire repair work within a short interval of time.

If you need more information about London Laptop Troubleshooters and also to know about our NEC Versa M370 repair service, please make a call to 020 7237 6805 or send emails to

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