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Compaq Presario 717RSH Notebook PC Repair


Enjoy the best Compaq Presario 717RSH Notebook PC repair from London Laptop Troubleshooters. Our service is of high quality for a reasonable price.

Our A+ certified technicians will help in upgrading RAM, security software, optical drive, graphic cards, hard disk, and customized software according to client requirement. The latest technology tools available in our workshop can also fix other common system failures of Compaq Presario 717RSH Notebook PC such as dim LCD screens, cracked or broken LCD screens, USB, no start up activity, damage caused by cosmetics, overheating, broken power, power supply problems, software problems, sound or printer ports, reinstallations and much more.

Our replacement services for Compaq Presario 717RSH Notebook PC repair are motherboard replacement or repairing, LCD screen replacements, battery and AC adapter replacements, as well as replacement of other non-functional parts. Other services include data recovery and data transfer, virus detection and removal, password removal and various installation services.


Compaq Presario 717RSH Notebook PC Repair

The accessories and spare parts we market are inverters, cables, DC / voltage regulators, video boards, audio boards, PCMCIA slots, motherboards, internal fax and modems, hinges and hinge covers, latches, backlight bulbs, CDRW and combo drives, speakers, keyboards, floppy drives, CD-ROM drives, DVD drives, hard drive and adapters, internal fans, CPU and secondary cooling fans, original factory adapters, power cords, case kits, front / rear LCD lids, AC adapters, top / bottom cases, processors, and DC jacks etc.

We will do services for your Compaq Presario 717RSH Notebook PC repair at a reasonable rate. Call to 020 7237 6805 or email to To know about our services just browse this website in detail.

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